So I’ve been trying to look up some information on pit bull type dogs. I know that people who own these dogs are completely bias though and of course they love their dog as they should, however statistics definitely prove something is up with the aggressiveness of pit bull type dogs…I find it sad that this breed is in the predicament it’s in - but damn. No other breed has so many deaths and injuries on it’s record! Killing other dogs and pets and people…yeeeeesh. Unfortunately, I always have to leave the dog park when there’s a few pits in there because they antagonize and attack my dog :( I was wondering if it was just us, or what. My dog gets along with everyone and everything, exception : pit bulls. I can’t constantly say “it’s the owner, the owner just doesn’t know how to handle it.” I realize that people will think I’m hating on this breed but I swear I’m not trying to. I just think that people shouldn’t downplay the seriousness that comes along with this breed just so people will adopt them out of shelters, or feel at ease with their pet. It’s in their blood to be aggressive toward other dogs and small animals, and I hate when people try to say it’s all about the owner - yes, any dog has the potential to harm, but animals with a high prey drive are already predisposed. It’s not limited to pit bulls but they have the worst record, and their history/bloodlines don’t do them any favors. I really just think that pit bull breeding is out of control and the fact that over half of the breeds in shelters are pitbulls is insane. They need to have stricter regulations on breeding and laws for keeping these dogs. I don’t think they should ban them from cities and threaten to kill them though, I watched a documentary on that and I was horrified. It makes me sad to think about them, they don’t need to be condemned but something needs to be done. Like seriously just stop breeding them. More importantly we can stop backyard breeding ALL dogs, we have enough in shelters.

August 22 | 10:32